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Web applications rely on web servers to protect the integrity of sensitive information. However, an attacker gaining access to web servers can tamper with the data and query computation results, and thus serve corrupted web pages to the user. Violating the integrity of the web page can have serious consequences, affecting application functionality and(More)
Web advertisements, an integral part of today’s web browsing experience, financially support countless websites. Meaningful advertisements, however, require behavioral targeting, user tracking and profile fingerprinting that raise serious privacy concerns. To counter privacy issues and enhance usability, adblockers emerged as a popular way to filter web(More)
The recent discussion about changes to the Bitcoin protocol have shown that the Bitcoin community is unable to reach timely decisions with a transparent process. Despite starting as a trivial change, removing an artificial limit to the maximum number of transactions, the discussion quickly degenerated into heated discussions about non-issues, name-calling(More)
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