Alexandros E. Papacharalampous

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Sags are segments of the road where there is a significant change in gradient from downhill to uphill in a short distance. Empirically, it has been observed that drivers do not compensate adequately for the changing grade resistance force at sags, which limits vehicle acceleration. As a consequence, congestion forms at sags. This paper proposes and compares(More)
This paper proposes a framework based on stochastic cusp catastrophe theory to model microscopic freeway traffic flow. The approach considers that each driver-regardless of being aggressive or timid-may shift his/her behavior and behave aggressively or timidly during driving. Based on the proposed modeling approach, the spacing of a driver is a function of(More)
Amsterdam, like many other metropolitan areas, faces a number of serious transportation related challenges. These range from severe congestion problems on the freeway and city road network, overloading of the train stations during peak hours, limited accessibility for goods distribution, parking regulation, massive (and sometimes high-risk) pedestrian flows(More)
Left painful breast enlargement and impotence were the main complaints of a right cryptorchid young man. On ultrasonography a hypoechoic mass was found in the right testis. Postoperatively the increased level of estrogens and the decreased levels of testosterone were normalized 6 months following the orchiectomy, gynecomastia subsided considerably and the(More)
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