Alexandros Alexakis

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The effect of large scales on the statistics and dynamics of turbulent fluctuations is studied using data from high resolution direct numerical simulations. Three different kinds of forcing, and spatial resolutions ranging from 256(3) to 1024(3), are being used. The study is carried out by investigating the nonlinear triadic interactions in Fourier space,(More)
We study the transfer of energy between different scales for forced three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics turbulent flows in the kinematic dynamo regime. Two different forces are examined: a nonhelical Taylor-Green flow with magnetic Prandtl number P(M) = 0.4 and a helical ABC flow with P(M) = 1. This analysis allows us to examine which scales of the(More)
We investigate the locality of interactions in hydrodynamic turbulence using data from a direct numerical simulation on a grid of 1024(3) points; the flow is forced with the Taylor-Green vortex. An inertial range for the energy is obtained in which the flux is constant and the spectrum follows an approximate Kolmogorov law. Nonlinear triadic interactions(More)
where U is the root-mean-square velocity, kf is a wavenumber (inverse length scale) related with the forcing function, and Re = U/νkf . The positive coefficients C1 and C2 are uniform in the the kinematic viscosity ν, the amplitude of the driving force, and the system size. We compare these results with previously obtained bounds for body forces involving(More)
We analyze the data stemming from a forced incompressible hydrodynamic simulation on a grid of 2048(3) regularly spaced points, with a Taylor Reynolds number of R(lambda) ~ 1300. The forcing is given by the Taylor-Green vortex, which shares similarities with the von Kàrmàn flow used in several laboratory experiments; the computation is run for ten turnover(More)
The growth rate of the dynamo instability as a function of the magnetic Reynolds number R(M) is investigated by means of numerical simulations for the family of the Arnold-Beltrami-Childress (ABC) flows and for two different forcing scales. For the ABC flows that are driven at the largest available length scale, it is found that, as the magnetic Reynolds(More)
Scale interactions in Hall MHD are studied using both the mean field theory derivation of transport coefficients, and direct numerical simulations in three space dimensions. In the magnetically dominated regime, the eddy resistivity is found to be negative definite, leading to large scale instabilities. A direct cascade of the total energy is observed,(More)
The weak turbulence theory has been applied to waves in thin elastic plates obeying the Föppl-Von Kármán dynamical equations. Subsequent experiments have shown a strong discrepancy between the theoretical predictions and the measurements. Both the dynamical equations and the weak turbulence theory treatment require some restrictive hypotheses. Here a direct(More)
We investigate the transfer of energy from large scales to small scales in fully developed forced three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) turbulence by analyzing the results of direct numerical simulations in the absence of an externally imposed uniform magnetic field. Our results show that the transfer of kinetic energy from large scales to kinetic(More)
An investigation of the dynamo instability close to the threshold produced by an ABC forced flow is presented. We focus on the on-off intermittency behavior of the dynamo and the countereffect of the Lorentz force in the nonlinear stage of the dynamo. The Lorentz force drastically alters the statistics of the turbulent fluctuations of the flow and reduces(More)