Alexandro Hoyer

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Evidence as to how ACE inhibitors attenuate ischemia-reperfusion injury (IR) after cardioplegic arrest remains scarce. Twenty-four rabbit hearts were perfused on a Langendorff apparatus. Control hearts (n = 6) were arrested with pure histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate (HTK)-Bretschneider. Treatment groups received added to the cardioplegic solution (n = 6)(More)
A patient with adult neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (ANCL; Kufs' disease) is described in whom neuroleptic malignant syndrome occurred, initially presenting as catatonic syndrome. Comprehensive neuroimaging studies were conducted including FDG-PET, IBZM-SPECT, and beta-CIT-SPECT, electrophysiological examinations and an ex vivo contracture test exposing(More)
Regarding disuse atrophy, numerous investigations attempting to determine typical alterations of EMG measured with concentric needle electrodes have led to mutually inconsistent results concerning amplitude, duration, polyphasy, and number of spikes of motor unit action potentials. Our study comprises 21 patients with one-sided atrophy of m. quadriceps(More)
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