Alexandrino Delgado

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Methods of adapting micro-organisms to an inhibiting factor in an active industrial bioprocess were examined with an acetic acid fermentation as model. With the aim of automatic control, a fuzzy-logic system was developed on the basis of the collected knowledge of skilled vinegar brewers. In a first step, this fuzzy system was to assess the actual(More)
This contribution presents a novel method for the direct integration of a-priori knowledge in a neural network and its application for the online determination of a secondary metabolite during industrial yeast fermentation. Hereby, existing system knowledge is integrated in an artificial neural network (ANN) by means of 'functional nodes'. A generalized(More)
In the present paper the use of cognitive algorithms for solving a wide spectrum of problems which often arise in investigations under compensated gravity is suggested. Applying such algorithms in the preparation and performance of experiments provides a substantial assistance to the experimentator as the behaviour of complex processes can be described and(More)
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