Alexandrine Froger

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PURPOSE AQP0, formerly known as MIP26, likely has multiple separate functions in the mammalian lens, including water transport, formation of thin junctions, and interactions with other lens components. Although mammalian genomes contain only one Aqp0 gene, the zebrafish genome contains two, Aqp0a and Aqp0b, and the putative multiple functions of the single(More)
We previously showed that the water permeability of AQP0, the water channel of the lens, increases with acid pH and that His40 is required (Németh-Cahalan, K.L., and J.E. Hall. 2000. J. Biol. Chem. 275:6777-6782; Németh-Cahalan, K.L., K. Kalman, and J.E. Hall. 2004. J. Gen. Physiol. 123:573-580). We have now investigated the effect of zinc (and other(More)
In Xenopus oocytes, the water permeability of AQP0 (P(f)) increases with removal of external calcium, an effect that is mediated by cytoplasmic calmodulin (CaM) bound to the C terminus of AQP0. To investigate the effects of serine phosphorylation on CaM-mediated Ca(2+) regulation of P(f), we tested the effects of kinase activation, CaM inhibition, and a(More)
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