Alexandria Stone

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We report the first remote flight control of an insect using microfabricated flexible neuroprosthetic probes (FNPs) that directly interface with the animal's central nervous system. The FNPs have a novel split-ring design that incorporates the anatomical bi-cylinder structure of the nerve cord and allows for an efficient surgical process for implantation(More)
Measurement of systolic time intervals (STI) provides a noninvasive assessment of cardiac function in resting subjects. However, large motion artifacts often limit their application during exercise. To improve such measurements, we employed a new lightweight carotid arterial pulse transducer and minimized the artifacts by computerized signal averaging. The(More)
A sublethal whole-sediment toxicity test that uses flow cytometry to measure inhibition of esterase activity in the marine microalga Entomoneis cf punctulata was applied to the assessment of hydrocarbon-contaminated sediments and toxicity identification and evaluation (TIE). Concentration-response relationships were developed, and a 20% effect concentration(More)
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