Alexandrea R. Ollhoff

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In soybean, the W4 gene encoding dihydroflavonol-4-reductase controls anthocyanin pigment biosynthesis in flowers. The mutant allele, w4-m, is characterized by variegated flowers and was evolved from the insertion of an endogenous transposable element, Tgm9, in intron II of the W4 gene. In the w4-m mutant line, reversion of the unstable allele from(More)
The W4 locus in soybean encodes a dihydroflavonol-4-reductase (DFR2) that regulates pigmentation patterns in flowers and hypocotyl. The mutable w4-m allele that governs variegated flowers has arisen through insertion of a CACTA-type transposable element, Tgm9, in DFR2. In the w4-m line, reversion from variegated to purple flower indicates excision of Tgm9,(More)
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