Alexandre dos Santos Leal

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The objectives were to study: (1) acceptance of STD screening in non-clinical settings for asymptomatic individuals; (2) risk factors and STD prevalence among individuals in non-clinical and clinical settings; and (3) non-clinical screening of asymptomatic populations as a feasible method for STD control. We recruited 139 males and 486 females between 18(More)
Multidrug resistance and drug toxicity represent major obstacles to cancer chemotherapy. Drug delivery systems, such as liposomes, offer improved chemical stability of encapsulated drugs, enhanced accumulation in tumors and decreased toxicity. The aim of this study was to evaluate the tissue distribution of stealth pH-sensitive liposomes containing(More)
This work presents the preparation of radiolabelled cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum (II), CDDP*, sealed in a cadmium capsule. The irradiation of CDDP covered by cadmium, employing exposure times longer than 2 h, demonstrated good chemical purity and high specific activity. This finding allowed a better detection of in vivo CDDP* and suggests that it may be a(More)
We report a novel material for use in (125)I brachytherapy that consists of amorphous carbon films grown by ion-beam-assisted deposition and doped with Xe (5 at%) by implantation. Samples of these films grown on Si substrates were irradiated with neutrons in a TRIGA-I nuclear reactor for the production (125)Xe, and latter characterized by gamma(More)
A cross-sectional study was conducted to identify possible associations between working conditions and health among correctional officers in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The study used a stratified proportional random sample of 311 individuals who answered a non-identifiable self-applied questionnaire. The following results were obtained by logistic regression:(More)
The media claims for the consumption of natural resource-based food have gradually increased in both developing and developed countries. The interest in the safety of these products is partially due to the possible presence of toxigenic fungi acting as mycotoxin producers, such as aflatoxins produced during the secondary metabolism of Aspergillus flavus, A.(More)
BACKGROUND This work presents an initial proposed design of a Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis (PGAA) facility to be installed at the TRIGA IPR-R1, a 60 years old research reactor of the Centre of Development of Nuclear Technology (CDTN) in Brazil. The basic characteristics of the facility and the results of the neutron flux are presented and discussed. (More)
We present a combined ion imaging and density functional theory study of the dynamics of the desorption process of rubidium and cesium atoms off the surface of helium nanodroplets upon excitation of the perturbed 6s and 7s states, respectively. Both experimental and theoretical results are well represented by the pseudodiatomic model for effective masses of(More)
Currently, nanostructured compounds have been standing out for their optical, mechanical, and chemical features and for the possibilities of manipulation and regulation of complex biological processes. One of these compounds is boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs), which are a nanostructured material analog to carbon nanotubes, but formed of nitrogen and boron(More)
In this work, a comparative study of neutron activation analysis (NAA) was performed by the nuclear institutes: CDTN/CNEN-Brazil, CCHEN-Chile and the SCK.CEN-Belgium aiming to investigate some generic, manipulated and reference medicines largely commercialized in Brazil. Some impurities such as: As, Ba, Br, Ce, Co, Cr, Eu, Fe, Hf, Sb, Sc, Sm, Ti and Zn were(More)