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Big Data and Competition Policy: Market Power, Personalised Pricing and Advertising
This paper studies three specific issues around the application of competition policy to big data. The first issue relates to market power assessment and analyses the power given by data control inExpand
Disruptive Innovation and Competition Policy Enforcement
Disruptive innovation, according to business literature, occurs when an innovative product is brought to a market, such as meets the basic requirements of the lower-end of an established valueExpand
The Regulation of Personalised Pricing in the Digital Era
The paper reviews the different legal tools to regulate the personalised pricing and provide some policy recommendations in that regard. Section 1 provides a definition of the personalsied prices andExpand
Digital Conglomerates and EU Competition Policy
The paper analyses firms’ motivations and the competitive effects of digital conglomerates with the relevant industrial organisation and strategic management literature. On that basis, it makesExpand
Statement by European Academics on the Inappropriateness of Imposing Increased Internet Regulation in the EU
The European institutions are currently debating the desirability of imposing restrictions on the way in which internet service providers (ISPs) in the EU can manage their networks and develop theirExpand
The Protection of the European Citizen in a Competitive E-Society: The New E.U. Universal Service Directive
A new regulatory framework for electronic communications (fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, cable TV, …) is due to be applicable in the Member States of the European Union in July 2003. ThisExpand
What is the Digital Internal Market and Where the European Union Should Intervene?
This paper analyses the digital internal market and when EU intervention is needed to achieve this internal market. It sets legal and economic criteria to determine the appropriate scope of the EUExpand
Limits and Enablers of Data Sharing. An Analytical Framework for EU Competition, Data Protection and Consumer Law
Data sharing presents many opportunities in terms of stimulating innovation and creating a level playing field between businesses, but also carries risks by potentially decreasing incentives for dataExpand
An Integrated Regulatory Framework for Digital Networks and Services
This report proposes some recommendations for a robust regulation of digital networks and services in the European Union. In particular, the report recommends: (i) to abandon separate legislativeExpand
Designing an EU Intervention Standard for Digital Platforms
A consensus is emerging around the world about the need for policymakers to address certain characteristics and competitive tendencies that are generated by digital platforms or digital ecosystems,Expand