Alexandre da Silva Simões

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estabelecer as habilidades e limitações desta rede. Este traba-lho apresenta uma investigação desse novo classificador e um estudo de sua capacidade de agrupar dados em três dimen-sões, particularmente procurando estabelecer seus domínios de aplicação e horizontes no campo da visão computacional. ABSTRACT Pulsed neural networks – networks that encode(More)
Humanoid robots are an extremely complex interdisciplinary research field. Particularly, the development of high size humanoid robots usually requires joint efforts and skills from groups that are in many different research centers around the world. However, there are serious constraints in this kind of collaborative development. Some efforts have been made(More)
The information available to robots in real tasks is widely distributed both in time and space, requiring the agent to search for relevant data. In humans, that face the same problem when sounds, images and smells are presented to their sensors in a daily scene, a natural system is applied: Attention. As vision plays an important role in our routine, most(More)
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