Alexandre da Costa Sena

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Computational grids aim to aggregate significant numbers of resources to provide sufficient, but low cost, computational power to an ever growing variety applications. Writing applications capable of executing efficiently in these grid environments is however extremely difficult for inexperienced users. The grid's geographically distributed resources are(More)
This paper addresses the challenge of how to permit tightly coupled parallel applications, optimised for uniform, stable, static environments, execute equally efficiently in environments which exhibit the complete opposite characteristics. Using the N-body problem as a case study, both the traditional and proposed grid enabled MPI implementations of the(More)
The execution of distributed applications on the grid is already a reality. As both the number of applications grow and grids scale, efficient utilization of the available but shared heterogeneous resources will be essential. The EasyGrid middleware is a hierarchically distributed Application Management System embedded into MPI applications to facilitate(More)
The MPI message passing library is used extensively in the scientific community as a tool for parallel programming. Even though improvements have been made to existing implementations to support execution on computational grids, MPI was initially designed to deal with homogeneous, fault- free, static environments such as computing clusters. The typical(More)
During their execution, a significant number of applications often sub utilize the capacity of the resources to which they are allocated or require more. Furthermore, with the current scale up trend in server design, effective utilization can only be achieved by applications sharing such resources. Cluster management systems already support static resource(More)
Although modern supercomputers are composed of multicore machines, one can find scientists that still execute their legacy applications which were developed to monocore cluster where memory hierarchy is dedicated to a sole core. The main objective of this paper is to propose and evaluate an algorithm that identify an efficient blocksize to be applied on MPI(More)