Alexandre Verney

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The Interactive Robotics Laboratory of CEA LIST is in charge of the development of remote technologies in order to meet the energy industry requirements. This paper reports the recent Research & Development activities in advanced remote systems for inspection or light intervention in hazardous environment with limited access as blind hot cells in(More)
EMY (Enhancing MobilitY) is an exoskeleton dedicated to the evaluation of Brain Machine Interface during clinical trials. This paper presents the first version of EMY restricted to upper limbs with four actuated joints per arm. Since an evaluation of a BMI controlled exoskeleton by a disabled person requires clinical trials, a risk management process should(More)
The goal of the CLINATEC® Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Project is to improve tetraplegic subjects' quality of life by allowing them to interact with their environment through the control of effectors, such as an exoskeleton. The BCI platform is based on a wireless 64-channel ElectroCorticoGram (ECoG) recording implant WIMAGINE®, designed for long-term(More)
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