Alexandre Velloso

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Brazil's scientific community is under pressure. Each year there is an increase in its contribution to international science and in the number of students who are trained to do research and teach at an advanced level. Most of these activities are carried out in state and federal universities, but with government funding that has decreased by more than 70%(More)
UNLABELLED Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) and its variation Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrojejunostomy (PEGJ), has become the method of choice to achieve an enteral access route in patients who require long term enteral nutrition, especially in the area of the At Home Enteral Nutrition (AHEN). We present our experience on the first PEG's and(More)
This study used a fecal steroid monitoring technique to evaluate reproductive cycles in male (4) and female (15) maned wolves, endangered South American canids. A radiolabeled testosterone infusion on a male revealed a fast and predominantly fecal route of excretion for this steroid. Testosterone was also excreted as eight unidentified metabolites, which(More)
Bipedalism has evolved on numerous occasions in phylogenetically diverse lizard families. In this paper we describe, for the first time, bipedal locomotion on South American lizards, the sand-dweller Liolaemus lutzae and the generalist Tropidurus torquatus. The lizards were videotaped running on a racetrack and the sequences were analyzed frame by frame.(More)
BLOCKINChanges " That knowledge has become the resource, rather BLOCKINthan BLOCKINa BLOCKINresource BLOCKINis BLOCKINwhat BLOCKINmakes BLOCKINour BLOCKINsoci-ety BLOCKIN'post-capitalist'. BLOCKINIt BLOCKINchanges, BLOCKINfundamentally, the BLOCKINstructure BLOCKINof BLOCKINsociety. BLOCKINIt BLOCKINcreates BLOCKINnew BLOCKINsocial dynamics. BLOCKINIt(More)