Alexandre Vasseur

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BACKGROUND Hemoglobin (Hb) measurement is essential for the monitoring of anemia in preterm neonates to assess if any bleeding (pulmonary, cerebral, digestive) is present. EDTA samples require 500 μL vs. 10 μL for the Hemocue(®) system. This system has been evaluated and validated in adults and children but not in preterm neonates with fetal hemoglobin. The(More)
We present the results of GEANT3 simulations of a full PET system made of liquid xenon (LXe)-TPC /spl gamma/-camera modules. In such camera both ionization and scintillation signals will be detected to provide the three coordinates and the energy of the converted /spl gamma/-ray. For that purpose, we will develop advanced ionization detectors operating in(More)
Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, subsequent MS/MS, and high-resolution mass spectrometry were used to study the dehydrogenative Heck reaction of 2-alkylfurans 1 with acrylates 2, using [Pd(OAc)(2)](3) as the precatalyst, benzoquinone (BQ) as the stoichiometric oxidant, and a mixture of DMSO and AcOH as the solvent. Complexation of [Pd(OAc)(2)](3)(More)
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