Alexandre Trisorio

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We report the generation of 4.3 fs, 1 mJ pulses at 1 kHz using a hollow-core fiber compressor seeded with circularly polarized laser pulses. We observe up to 30% more energy throughput compared to the case of linearly polarized laser input, together with significantly improved output spectral stability. Seeding with circularly polarized pulses proves to be(More)
Carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilization of a femtosecond chirped-pulse amplification system featuring a compact transmission grating compressor is demonstrated. The system includes two amplification stages and routinely generates phase-stable (approximately 250 mrad rms) 2 mJ, 25 fs pulses at 1 kHz. Minimizing the optical pathway in the compressor(More)
Electron beams in modern linear accelerators are now becoming limited in brightness by the intrinsic emittance of the photocathode electron source. Therefore it becomes important for large scale facilities such as free electron lasers to reduce this fundamental limit. In this Letter we present measurements of the intrinsic emittance for different laser(More)
We demonstrate a versatile tunable and highly stable ultrabroadband Ti:sapphire chirped pulse amplification system with a compressed pulse energy of 20 mJ at 100 Hz repetition rate. High power Ti:Sa systems in principle do not offer wavelength tunability due to gain narrowing. Here we demonstrate transform limited pulse generation from 15 fs to 94 fs with(More)
Coherent manipulation of molecular wavepackets in biomolecules might contribute to the quest towards label-free cellular imaging and protein identification. We report the use of optimally tailored UV laser pulses in pump-probe depletion experiments that selectively enhance or decrease fluorescence between two aromatic amino acids: tryptophan (Trp) and(More)
Octave-spanning, 12.5 fs, (1.9 cycle) pulses with 115 μJ energy in the short-wavelength mid-infrared spectral range (1-2.5 μm) have been generated via phase-mismatched cascaded nonlinear frequency conversion using organic DAST (4-N, N-dimethylamino-4'-N'-methylstilbazolium tosylate) crystal. Such ultrafast cascading effect is ensured by the interaction of a(More)
Picosecond, flat-top, deep-UV pulses are needed to generate high-brightness electron beams to efficiently drive x-ray free electron lasers. Current metal photocathodes have low efficiency and therefore require high-energy pulses, and the generation of high-energy, flat-top pulses in the deep UV is still challenging. The low efficiencies of both the harmonic(More)
We developed a powerful UV laser at a central wavelength varying from 260-283 nm. The laser system based on a frequency-trippled Ti:sapphire amplifier delivers mJ pulse energy within a duration of 1-10 ps (fwhm) with 1.5 nm spectral width (fwhm). The system is used to explore thermal emittance and quantum efficiency dependence on photon energy from metallic(More)