Alexandre Szabo

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The fundamental premise of Natural Computing is that nature computes, and that computing capability has to be understood, modeled, abstracted and used for different objectives and in different contexts. Therefore, it is necessary to propose a new language capable of describing and allowing the comprehension of natural systems as a union of computing(More)
The data classification task is one of the main tasks within the knowledge discovering from databases (KDD). Its goal is to allow the correct classification of new objects (records from a database), unknown to the classifier, based upon the extraction of knowledge from objects known a priori. These data already known can be used to generate a classification(More)
This paper proposes the Fuzzy Particle Swarm Clustering (FPSC) algorithm, which is an extension of the crisp data clustering algorithm PSC particularly tailored to deal with fuzzy clusters. The main structural changes of the original PSC algorithm to design FPSC occurred in the selection and evaluation steps of the winner particle, comparing the degree of(More)