Alexandre Soro

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This paper presents a new construction of Maximum-Distance Separable (MDS) Reed-Solomon erasure codes based on Fermat Number Transform (FNT). Thanks to FNT, these codes support practical coding and decoding algorithms with complexity O(n log n), where n is the number of symbols of a codeword. An open-source implementation shows that the encoding speed can(More)
In this paper we propose a low-rate coding method, suited for application-layer forward error correction. Depending on channel conditions, the coding scheme we propose can switch from a fixed-rate LDPC code to various low-rate GLDPC codes. The source symbols are first encoded by using a staircase or triangular LDPC code. If additional symbols are needed,(More)
This paper presents new FEC codes for the erasure channel, LDPC-Band, that have been designed so as to optimize a hybrid iterative-Maximum Likelihood (ML) decoding. Indeed, these codes feature simultaneously a sparse parity check matrix, which allows an efficient use of iterative LDPC decoding, and a generator matrix with a band structure, which allows fast(More)
Header compression techniques are now widely used in wireless and satellite communications. The main drawback of these techniques is to weaken the transmission against bit error or packet losses. Indeed, a corrupted or missing header can lead to a non-decompression of consecutive packets and then to a disconnection until the reception of a non-compressed(More)
In this paper, we propose a structured peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution scheme based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) graphs. We build a peer-to-peer network that reproduces the FFT graph initially designed for hardware FFT codecs. This topology allows content delivery with a maximum diversity level for a minimum global complexity. The resulting FFT-based(More)
Recent work have shown that Reed-Müller (RM) codes achieve the erasure channel capacity. However, this performance is obtained with maximum-likelihood decoding which can be costly for practical applications. In this paper, we propose an encoding/decoding scheme for Reed-Müller codes on the packet erasure channel based on Plotkin(More)
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