Alexandre Seuret

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A new approach to robust sampled-data control is introduced. The system is modelled as a continuous-time one, where the control input has a piecewise-continuous delay. Sufficient linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) conditions for sampled-data state-feedback stabilization of such systems are derived via descriptor approach to time-delay systems. The only(More)
In the last decade, the Jensen inequality has been intensively used in the context of time-delay or sampled-data systems since it is an appropriate tool to derive tractable stability conditions expressed in terms linear matrix inequalities (LMI). However, it is also well-known that this inequality introduces an undesirable conservatism in the stability(More)
This paper is concerned with the stability analysis of discrete linear systems with time-varying delays. The novelty of the paper comes from the consideration of a new inequality which is less conservative than the celebrated Jensen inequality employed in the context of discretetime delay systems. This inequality is a discrete-time counterpart of the(More)
This article proposes a novel approach to assess stability of continuous linear systems with sampled-data inputs. The method, which is based on the discrete-time Lyapunov theorem, provides easy tractable stability conditions for the continuous-time model. Sufficient conditions for asymptotic and exponential stability are provided dealing with synchronous(More)
This work concerns the control, the observation and then, the implementation principles of a remote system (Master and Slave parts) through the Internet network. This communication link introduces variable delays that have to be taken into account in the control-observation loop. The data-sampling effects will also be considered, even in the aperiodic case.(More)
This article proposes a novel approach to assess stability of linear systems with delayed and sampled-data inputs. The paper considers both asynchronous sampling and input delay. the proposed results are based on an extension of a recent research on stability of sampled-data systems to the case where a delay is introduced in the control loop. The proposed(More)
The paper addresses the stability problem of linear time delay system. In the literature, the most popular approach to tackle this problem relies on the use of LyapunovKrasovskii functionals. Many results have proposed new functionals and techniques for deriving less and less conservative stability conditions. Nevertheless, all these approaches use the same(More)
This article proposes a new approach to stability analysis of linear systems with sampled-data inputs or channels. The method, based on a variation of the discrete-time Lyapunov approach, provides stability conditions using functional variables subject to convex constraints. These stability conditions can be solved using the sum of squares methodology with(More)