Alexandre Serov

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A system for full-field laser Doppler blood flow imaging has been developed and tested on biomedical samples. The new imaging system allows 2D flow maps or monitoring flux signals to be obtained from a plurality of measured points simultaneously by using a 2D array of photodetectors. The detection part of the system is based on an intelligent CMOS camera(More)
This paper describes the design and the performance of a new high-speed laser Doppler imaging system for monitoring blood flow over an area of tissue. The new imager delivers high-resolution flow images (256x256 pixels) every 2 to 10 seconds, depending on the number of points in the acquired time-domain signal (32-512 points). This new imaging modality(More)
There is a demand for technologies able to assess the perfusion of surgical flaps quantitatively and reliably to avoid ischemic complications. The aim of this study is to test a new high-speed high-definition laser Doppler imaging (LDI) system (FluxEXPLORER, Microvascular Imaging, Lausanne, Switzerland) in terms of preoperative mapping of the vascular(More)
We present parallel single molecule detection (SMD) and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) experiments with a fully integrated complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) single-photon 2x2 detector array. Multifocal excitation is achieved with a diffractive optical element (DOE). Special emphasis is placed on parallelization of the total system.(More)
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) has emerged as a powerful technique for measuring low concentrations of fluorescent molecules and their diffusion constants. In FCS, the experimental data is conventionally fit using standard local search techniques, for example, the Marquardt-Levenberg (ML) algorithm. A prerequisite for these categories of(More)
BACKGROUND Deep burn assessment made by clinical evaluation has an accuracy varying between 60% and 80% and will determine if a burn injury will need tangential excision and skin grafting or if it will be able to heal spontaneously. Laser Doppler Imaging (LDI) techniques allow an improved burn depth assessment but their use is limited by the time-consuming(More)
BACKGROUND Early detection is a major goal in the management of malignant melanoma. Besides clinical assessment many noninvasive technologies such as dermoscopy, digital dermoscopy and in vivo laser scanner microscopy are used as additional methods. Herein we tested a system to assess lesional perfusion as a tool for early melanoma detection. METHODS(More)
With the aim of prosthetic treatment efficacy increase study of edge parodontium tissue reaction upon different types of artificial crowns was done and methods of chronic localized parodontitis prevention were developed. Changes of the main gingival fluid characteristics (amount, acidity, interleukine-1beta concentration) and indicators of microcirculation(More)
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