Alexandre Sava

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This note is the on-line companion of our paper [2] that proposes a simulation-based optimization approach for discrete optimization of stochastic discrete event systems for which both the performance function and the constraint function are not known but can be evaluated by simulation and the solution space is either finite or unbounded. Numerical results(More)
We have already presented a contribution for synthesizing an approach of supervisory control for Discrete Event Systems (DES) modeled by Timed Place Marked Graphs subject to Marking Exclusion Constraint. This paper is a continuation work in this area for building the control law for Discrete Event Systems (DES), where the time is taken in consideration. It(More)
The research work presented in this paper deals with resources allocation in a production system in order to meet a given production specification. More precisely, we focus on human resources optimisation in design phase of a manufacturing system. We consider that operators may have different qualifications. A highly qualified operator is more expensive,(More)
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