Alexandre S. Pinto

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Distributed applications are becoming increasingly complex, often requiring the simultaneous use of several communication channels with different qualities-of-service. This paper presents the Appia system, a protocol kernel that supports applications requiring multiple coordinated channels. Appia offers a clean and elegant way for the application to express(More)
The Brazilian Cerrado is a diversity hotspot due to its high level of endemism and rapid loss of habitats. It is estimated that the number of herbaceous species is four times higher than that of woody species. Increasing levels of nitrogen additions to natural ecosystems have been indicated as a determinant of biodiversity loss. We investigated the effects(More)
In this paper we propose a novel probabilistic broadcast protocol that reduces the average end-to-end latency by dynamically adapting to network topology and traffic conditions. It does so by using an unique strategy that consists in adjusting the fanout and preferred targets for different gossip rounds as a function of the properties of each node. Node(More)
This paper reports a practical experience of implementing a group communication service using a protocol composition framework. Specifically, the paper describes the implementation of a LightWeight Groups (LWG) service on the Ensemble system. This is an interesting case-study because the LWG service is very demanding in terms of protocol composition since(More)
This thesis addresses the problem of replica management in a distributed object-oriented database system. It presents a protocol to ensure data consistency across the different nodes of the system. This protocol relies on recent advances in group communication techniques, and on the use of atomic broadcast as a building block to help serialize conflicting(More)
1 Introdução Aplicações distribuídas tais como os ambientes virtuais, a simulação distribuída, o trabalho cooperativo suportado por computador (CSCW), os jogos multi-utilizador e os MOOs [7] são aplicações que têm ganho uma importância significativa nosúltimos objectos) constituem um desafio para a teoria e prática dos sistemas distribuídos orientados aos(More)
| This paper discusses how mobility can be incorporated into TINA services. Mobility in this context is the ability to transfer a session from one terminal to another without disrupting the service. The design, implementation and example of use of a \mobility-aware" TINA Distributed Processing Environment (DPE) is detailed in the paper. The DPE is built(More)
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