Alexandre Robson

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The requirements for the optical links of the ATLAS SCT are described. From the individual detector modules to the first patch panel, the electrical services are integrated with the optical links to aid in mechanical design, construction and integration. The system architecture and critical elements of the system are described. The optical links for the(More)
Frequency of wait–time for berth(very(large):_),_ Utilization of berth(small:_) is 36% Average use–time of berth(small:_) is 66 Utilization of berth(large:_) is 57% Average use–time of berth(large:_) is 97 Utilization of berth(very(large):_) is 48% Average use–time of berth(very(large):_) is 141 Average wait–time for berth(small:_),_ is 1 Average wait–time(More)
The data production for the CDF experiment is conducted on a large Linux PC farm designed to meet the needs of data collection at a maximum rate of 40 MByte/sec. We present two data production models that exploits advances in computing and communication technology. The first production farm is a centralized system that has achieved a stable data processing(More)
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