Alexandre Regamey

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Cylindromas are benign adnexal skin tumors caused by germline mutations in the CYLD gene. In most cases the second wild-type allele is lost in tumor tissue, suggesting that CYLD functions as tumor suppressor. CYLD is a protein of 956 amino acids harboring a functional deubiquitinating domain at the COOH-terminal end. To shed more light on the function of(More)
Heat shock of Bacillus subtilis CU1147, a strain lysogenic for SP beta c2, a prophage with a thermosensitive repressor, results in phage induction and subsequent cell lysis. Cloning in Escherichia coli and sequencing of a DNA fragment of prophage SP beta led to the identification of blyA, the gene encoding a 367 amino acid polypeptide with a molecular mass(More)
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