Alexandre Poliakov

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Eucalypts are the world's most widely planted hardwood trees. Their outstanding diversity, adaptability and growth have made them a global renewable resource of fibre and energy. We sequenced and assembled >94% of the 640-megabase genome of Eucalyptus grandis. Of 36,376 predicted protein-coding genes, 34% occur in tandem duplications, the largest proportion(More)
We present detailed shape measurements of several barchan dunes in southern Morocco, near Laayoune. Using these ˆ data, we disprove the concept of shape invariance of barchan dunes of different sizes. Nevertheless, some parts of the barchan dune scale and we try to distinguish these from non-scaling ones. Furthermore, we point out the importance of the(More)
We describe updates to the Rice SNP-Seek Database since its first release. We ran a new SNP-calling pipeline followed by filtering that resulted in complete, base, filtered and core SNP datasets. Besides the Nipponbare reference genome, the pipeline was run on genome assemblies of IR 64, 93-11, DJ 123 and Kasalath. New genotype query and display features(More)
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