Alexandre Pinhel Soares

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Transgene elimination is a poorly studied phenomenon in plants. We made genetic and molecular studies of a transgenic dry bean line immune to bean golden mosaic geminivirus and a soybean line. In both lines, the transgenes were stable during the vegetative phase but were eliminated during meiosis. Due to its potential biotechnological value, this transgenic(More)
mail: (3) As (2) above. E-mail: ABSTRACT This work discusses space weather effects on satellite communications. After presenting trends in mobile satellite communications and signal processing, impacts of space weather are analysed. The article also points out that a partnership between geophysicists and engineers is(More)
We identified a transgenic line exhibiting albinism during our work to introduce genes through genetic engineering in dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). The transgenic mother plant (R0) presented a normal phenotype and generated albino and normal green plants in the first generation (R1). The segregation ratio of the albino character in the R1 and R2(More)
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