Alexandre Perrig

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Security is important for many sensor network applications. A particularly harmful attack against sensor and ad hoc networks is known as the Sybil attack [6], where a node illegitimately claims multiple identities. This paper systematically analyzes the threat posed by the Sybil attack to wireless sensor networks. We demonstrate that the attack can be(More)
The active operational environment of Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) makes it exposed to a variety of network attacks. Thus reducing the vulnerability is becoming a top priority. Wireless networks are susceptible to many attacks, including an attack known as the wormhole attack, has become a challenging work. The wormhole attack is very powerful and(More)
In the validation phase of a commercial CFD code, the importance of scientific data management for visualization and knowledge preservation surfaced. The proposed Scientific Data Bag (SDB) solution offers a lightweight method to record metadata and relationship between related datasets in a file structure preserving access to data files in their native(More)
Key management is an important issue for wireless sensor networks because sensors have limited resources as memory, processing speed and battery power. Key management is one of the basic building blocks of sensor network security. Many protocol presented before didn't take much attention on mobility of node. In this paper, we proposed Hass Chain based key(More)
The salient features of WSN like use of wireless radio communication, collaborative nature and deployment in the open environment exposes it to many security threats. Since WSN has tight limitations on the power consumption, transmission and computation the complex cryptographic algorithms can't be used to provide the security. Key management in WSN is(More)
Denial-of-Service and Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks have been the attack forms with maximum impact on their victims since their origin. The intensity of DDoS attacks is high as the attacker's identity and attack source is safeguarded well behind the bots. Numerous defense mechanisms have been employed to provide robustness against them. In this(More)
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