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A Paleogene origin for crown passerines and the diversification of the Oscines in the New World.
In this study, we present a detailed family-level phylogenetic hypothesis for the largest avian order (Aves: Passeriformes) and an unmatched multi-calibrated, relaxed clock inference for theExpand
Bootstrap and rogue identification tests for phylogenetic analyses.
Most phylogenetic tree-generating programs produce a fully dichotomous phylogenetic tree. However, as different markers may produce distinct topologies for the same set of organisms, topologicalExpand
An African Origin of the Eurylaimides (Passeriformes) and the Successful Diversification of the Ground-Foraging Pittas (Pittidae).
The Eurylaimides is one of the few passerine groups with a pantropical distribution. In this study, we generated a multi-calibrated tree with 83% of eurylaimid species diversity based on 30 molecularExpand
When Chinese Masks Meet Phylogenetics
Abstract Phylogenetics has a central role in the biological sciences. We suggest a hands-on exercise to demonstrate the task of character coding and its importance in phylogenetic systematics. ThisExpand