Alexandre Panfilov

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We present first neutrino induced events observed with a deep underwater neutrino telescope. Data from 70 days effective life time of the BAIKAL prototype telescope NT-96 have been analyzed with two different methods. With the standard track reconstruction method, 9 clear upward muon candidates have been identified, in good agreement with 8.7 events(More)
We review the present status of the Baikal Neutrino Project and present preliminary results of a search for upward going atmospheric neutrinos, WIMPs and magnetic monopoles obtained with the detector NT-200 during 1998. Also the results of a search for very high energy neutrinos with partially completed detector in 1996 are presented. The Baikal Neutrino(More)
We present results of an experiment performed in Lake Baikal at a depth of approximately 1 km. The photomultipliers of an underwater neutrino telescope under construction at this site were illuminated by a distant laser. The experiment not only provided a useful cross-check of the time calibration of the detector but also allowed us to determine inherent(More)
We review recent results on the search for high energy extrater-restrial neutrinos, neutrinos induced by WIMP annihilation and neutrinos coincident with Gamma Ray Bursts as obtained with the Baikal neutrino telescope NT-200. We describe the moderate upgrade of NT-200 towards a ∼10 Mton scale detector NT-200+. We finally draw a few lessons from our(More)
We review the present status of the lake Baikal Neutrino Experiment and present selected physics results gained with the consequetive stages of the stepwise increasing detector: from NT-36 to NT-96. Results cover atmospheric muons, neutrino events, very high energy neutrinos, search for neutrino events from WIMP annihilation, search for magnetic monopoles(More)