Alexandre P. Royer

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[1] Aerosol optical properties derived from Sun photometry were investigated in terms of climatological trends at two Sun photometer sites significantly affected by western Canadian boreal forest fire smoke and in terms of a 2-week series of smoke events observed at stations near and distant from boreal forest fires. Aerosol optical depth (ta) statistics(More)
For the U-Th series radionuclides investigation in natural freshwater, a simple, fast, and not laboratory intensive method which consists of evaporating the water samples to dryness in the presence of carriers is presented. The small volume of the residue (1-2 cm3) leads to a good efficiency for gamma counting and limits the self-absorption effect for the(More)
Space-borne passive microwave radiometers are widely used to retrieve information in snowy regions by exploiting the high sensitivity of microwave emission to snow properties. For the Antarctic Plateau, many studies presenting retrieval algorithms or numerical simulations have assumed, explicitly or not, that the subpixel-scale heterogeneity is negligible(More)
The binder plays the most important role in the metal injection molding (MIM) process. It provides fluidity of the feedstock mixture and adhesion of the powder to keep the molded shape during injection molding. The binder must provide strength and cohesion for the molded part and must be easy to remove from the molded part. Moreover, it must be recyclable,(More)
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