Alexandre Oufimtsev

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Component technologies, such as Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and .NET, are used in enterprise servers with requirements for high performance and scalability. This work considers performance prediction from the design of an EJB system, based on the modular structure of an application server and the application components. It uses layered queueing models,(More)
We investigated the impact of method input parameters on component performance , which is usually neglected during an application design stage. We evaluated a set of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components which use Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) technology. These components were deployed on WebSphere Application Server and tested using a custom-built(More)
<lb>Multithreaded programs are notoriously difficult to verify:<lb>the interleaving of concurrent threads causes an exponential<lb>explosion of the control state, and if threads can be dynami-<lb>cally created, the number of control states is unbounded. A<lb>classical thread-modular approach to verification is to con-<lb>sider the system as composed of a(More)
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