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The four-cell C. elegans embryo contains two sister cells called ABa and ABp that initially have equivalent abilities to produce ectodermal cell types. Multiple Notch-mediated interactions occur during the early cell divisions that diversify the ABa and ABp descendants. The first interaction determines the pattern of ectodermal cell types produced by ABp.(More)
Much of the patterning of early C. elegans embryos involves a series of Notch interactions that occur in rapid succession and have distinct outcomes; however, none of the targets for these interactions have been identified. We show that the REF-1 family of bHLH transcription factors is a major target of Notch signaling in all these interactions and that(More)
RNA polymerase sigma factor sigma(F) initiates the prespore-specific program of gene expression during Bacillus subtilis sporulation. sigma(F) governs transcription of spoIIIG, encoding the late prespore-specific regulator sigma(G). However, transcription of spoIIIG is delayed relative to other genes under the control of sigma(F), and after synthesis,(More)
The Notch signaling pathway is involved in a wide variety of cell-fate decisions during development. The diverse behavior of Notch-activated cells is thought to depend on tissue- or cell-type-specific transcription factors, yet the identities of such factors and the mechanism of cooperation with the Notch pathway are largely unknown. We identify here an(More)
The Papoulis-Gerchberg algorithm has been extensively used to solve the missing data problem in band-limited signals. The interpolation of low-pass signals with this algorithm can be done if the signal bandwidth is known. In practice, the signal bandwidth is unknown and has to be estimated by the user, preventing an automatic application of the(More)
This paper describes the techniques to design low power series low dropout regulators (LDO) with low output noise and high power supply rejection (PSR). The noise analysis of the bandgap reference is critical to the linear regulator's output noise, since it represents the main source of noise. The necessary trade-offs that a designer faces are discussed(More)
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