Alexandre Morais

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This paper focuses on the acceptability of human-robot collaboration in industrial environments. A use case was designed in which an operator and a robot had to work side-by-side on automotive assembly lines, with different levels of co-presence. This use case was implemented both in a physical and in a virtual situation using virtual reality. A user study(More)
Aim: To determine the prevalence and classification of bifid mandibular canals using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). Methods: The sample comprised 300 CBCT scans obtained from the Radiology and Imaging Department database at São Leopoldo Mandic Dental School, Campinas, SP, Brazil. All images were performed on Classic I-Cat® CBCT scanner, with(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that it is possible to pursue teeth whitening treatment protocols during orthodontic treatment with no esthetic loss. CLINICAL CONSIDERATIONS Many patients undergoing orthodontic treatment desire to have a straight and well aligned dentition, but also whiter teeth. For many years, it was believed that carrying out a whitening(More)
This study evaluated the effects of resin luting agents (LA) polymerized using increased temperature on the in vitro microtensile bond strength (mTBS) of indirect restorations to dentin. The occlusal dentin surfaces of 40 human third molars were exposed and flattened. The teeth were assigned to 8 groups (n = 5) according to the LA temperature (25°C o r(More)
With the advance of microchip technology, global and long wires will cost more in terms of delay than in terms of logic gates. In addition, long wires are more susceptible to signal integrity problems such as crosstalk. To reduce the cost of global interconnect, wires should be shared and segmented. A recently proposed global interconnect called(More)
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