Alexandre Moraes Ramos

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Mucormycosis of the gastrointestinal tract is a rare and fatal infection of neonates and children. This report describes a case of disseminated mucormycosis originating in the gastrointestinal tract of a premature infant of 26 weeks gestational age. The antemortem impression was that of necrotizing enterocolitis, diagnosed at 15 days of age, followed by(More)
INTRODUCTION Diabetes is not only a risk factor for coronary artery disease but also influences its presentation and evolution. OBJECTIVES The objective of this work is to define the risk factors, clinical and angiographic characteristics, and evolution of acute coronary syndrome in a population of diabetic patients. METHODOLOGY We studied 521 patients(More)
The aim of the work described herein was to study projection scenarios in order to find changes in the synoptic variability of the northwest Iberian Peninsula in the 21st century. To this end, we investigated the changes in the frequency of the different circulation types computed for the study area using three different models used in the IPCC 4(th)(More)
An analysis of the frequency of cyclones and surface wind velocity for the Euro-Atlantic sector is performed by means of an objective methodology. Monthly and seasonal trends of cyclones and wind speed magnitude are computed and trends between 1960 and 2000 evaluated. Results reveal a significant frequency decrease (increase) in the western Mediterranean(More)
Characteristic radiographic and computed-tomographic (CT) features of seven cases of osseous lipoma are reported: six with medullary and one with parosteal locations. Radiological diagnosis of this lesion is discussed, with emphasis on potential pitfalls in interpretation of CT scans. Although the presence of fat-equivalent density on scans is highly(More)
Climatological records users, frequently, request time series for geographical locations where there is no observed meteorological attributes. Climatological conditions of the areas or points of interest have to be calculated interpolating observations in the time of neighboring stations and climate proxy. The aim of the present work is the application of(More)
The relationships between atmospheric circulation patterns and daily Iberian rainfall are here explored at high spatial resolution (0.2 •) using the Jenkinson and Collison automated classification scheme with 26 Weather Types (WTs). The WTs were computed by means of the daily EMULATE Mean Sea Level Pressure dataset (EMSLP) while the high resolution(More)
A new classification method of the large-scale circulation characteristic for a specific target area (NW Iberian Peninsula) is presented, based on the analysis of 90-h backward trajectories arriving in this area calculated with the 3-D Lagrangian particle dispersion model FLEXPART. A cluster analysis is applied to separate the backward trajectories in up to(More)
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