Alexandre Meneghello

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Objective. To analyze the presence of yeast in the external ear canal of 116 dogs with and without a diagnosis of otitis from veterinary clinic in the Chapecó city, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and to examine the secretion of the proteinase in isolates. Materials and methods. Were collected cerumen of conduct hearing of dogs of 16 different races 71% with(More)
Six out of 169 patients on maintenance haemodialysis showed spontaneous tendon rupture. In all six, bone erosion had previously been observed at the site of tendon insertion. In a further 13 patients whose tendons had never ruptured, marked bone erosions at the sites of tendon insertions were also observed. Both groups of patients, with tendon rupture and(More)
To the author's knowledge, uraemic neuropathy has not been previously reported as a cause of Charcot's joint. In this paper they present three cases in which the association between clinical and radiographic patterns suggest the diagnosis of neuropathic arthropathy. The features of uraemic neuropathy are stressed and the role of secondary(More)
Rectal injuries during barium enema are uncommon but not unusual complications. Radiologists and surgeons must be able to recognize them, as early diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. The Authors discuss various aspects of problems arising from rectal perforation, and report their experience on seven cases.
Knee arthrography was performed in 22 patients suffering from persistent articular symptoms after meniscectomy. In 3 cases a surgically proved tear of the opposite meniscus was assessed. In 4 cases no meniscal tear was found, but 3 out of these patients had a significant anatomic lesion. In 15 cases meniscectomy was found to be incomplete, and a residual(More)
The authors studied the hand bones in 83 uremic patients undergoing periodic hemodialytic treatment, with microfocus and magnification, valuing particularly the debated findings of cortical striation (tunnelling). In 33 cases the radiological signs have been compared with the values of plasma parathyroid hormone and a significant relationship was found(More)