Alexandre Melis

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We investigated the attention-shift hypothesis of the Simon effect by analysing the effect of repeating relevant colour or irrelevant location of the stimulus in four serial reaction time tasks. In Experiment 1 with short response-stimulus intervals (RSI), we assume that there is no time to engage attention at the fixation cross before the onset of a new(More)
In a serial reaction time (RT) task with a probabilistic stimulus sequence, the length of the response-to-stimulus interval (RSI) and the sequence complexity was manipulated to investigate the relationship between sequence learning and sequential effects in serial RT tasks. Sequential effects refer to the influence of previous stimulus presentations on the(More)
In the last years, industries have shown a global trend to miniaturize the size of the components to micron in order to reduce the dimension of the final product. At this scale, a micro-object behaves differently from the micro-scale and its behavior is affected by additional physical phenomenon such as the dielectrophoresis. Dielectrophoresis (DEP) is used(More)
— Nanosciences have recently proposed a lot of proofs of concept of innovative nanocomponents and especially nanosensors. Going from the current proofs of concept on this scale to reliable industrial systems requires the emergence of a new generation of manufacturing methods able to move, position and sort micro-nano-components. We propose to develop 'No(More)
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