Alexandre Mas

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We study the effect of disclosing information on peers’ salaries on workers’ job satisfaction and job search intentions. A randomly chosen subset of employees of the University of California was informed about a new website listing the pay of University employees. All employees were then surveyed about their job satisfaction and job search intentions. We(More)
We investigate how and why the productivity of a worker varies as a function of the productivity of her co-workers in a group production process. In theory, the introduction of a high productivity worker could lower the effort of incumbent workers because of free riding; or it could increase the effort of incumbent workers because of peer effects induced by(More)
In a classic paper, Schelling (1971) showed that extreme segregation can arise from social interactions in white preferences: once the minority share in a neighborhood exceeds a critical "tipping point," all the whites leave. We use regression discontinuity methods and Census tract data from 1970 through 2000 to test for discontinuities in the dynamics of(More)
We compare species richness of birds, fruit-feeding butterflies and ground-foraging ants along a coffee intensification gradient represented by a reduction in the number of species of shade trees and percentage of shade cover in coffee plantations. We sampled the three taxa in the same plots within the same period of time. Two sites were selected in the(More)
This paper provides a case study of the effect of labor relations on product quality. We consider whether a long, contentious strike and the hiring of replacement workers at Bridgestone/Firestone’s Decatur plant in the mid-1990s contributed to the production of defective tires. Using several independent data sources, and looking before and after the strike(More)
This paper uses comprehensive data on bank lending and establishment-level outcomes from 1997-2011 to test whether changes in small business bank lending affect the real economy. The shift-share style research design predicts county-level lending shocks using variation in pre-existing bank market shares and estimated bank supply-shifts. Counties with(More)
In spite of the attention that has been focused on the importance of traditional, shade coffee production for biodiversity, little is known about the relative conservation value of different systems of managing the shade canopy. We surveyed fruit-feeding butterfly species richness and vegetation structure on different shade coffee management systems in(More)
Several theories suggest that pay raises below a reference point will reduce job performance. Final offer arbitration for police unions provides a unique opportunity to examine these theories, as the police officers either receive their requested wage or receive a lower one. In the months after New Jersey police officers lose in arbitration, arrest rates(More)
This paper examines the construction equipment resale market to assess whether equipment produced by the world’s largest manufacturer of construction machinery, Caterpillar, experienced lower product quality in facilities that underwent contract disputes during the 1990’s. Analysis of auction data reveals that resale market participants significantly(More)
Shade coffee certification programs have emerged over the past six years to verify that coffee marketed as ‘‘shade grown’’ is actually grown on farms that provide higher quality habitat for biodiversity. In spite of good intentions and an increasing market, little consensus exists on whether current criteria can successfully identify coffee farms of(More)