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Intubation is one of the most common procedures performed in operative rooms. It can be associated with life-threatening complications when difficult airway access occurs, in patients who cannot tolerate even a slight hypoxemia or when performed in patients at risk of oxygen desaturation during intubation, as obese, critically-ill and pregnant patients. To(More)
This thesis deals with the issue of hedging contingent claims in incomplete markets. The way we tackle this issue may be seen as an extension of M. Schweizer’s work on quadratic local risk-minimization. Indeed, while still modelling assets as semimartingales, our method relies on the introduction of a convex function of the local costs to assess risk, thus(More)
During the past few years, many manufacturers have developed a new generation anesthesia ventilators or anesthesia workstations with innovative technology and introduced so-called new ventilatory modes in the operating room. The aim of this article is to briefly explain how an anesthesia ventilator works, to describe the main differences between the(More)
Colony foundation modes play a key role in social insect societies as they strongly impact colony survival. In subterranean termites, we do not yet know which factors most influence the early stages of colony foundation since studies on the topic are scarce. In the present study, we examined how variation in life-history traits can influence colony(More)
One of the key challenges in perioperative care is to reduce postoperative morbidity and mortality. Patients who develop postoperative morbidity but survive to leave hospital have often reduced functional independence and long-term survival. Mechanical ventilation provides a specific example that may help us to shift thinking from treatment to prevention of(More)
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