Alexandre M. Ribeiro

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This paper presents some results in the intersection of three technological fields: e-learning, multiagent systems, and standards to improve the development of secure systems. There is a consensus that security is a critical issue for distributed, highly interactive and open learning environments. While a lot of effort in the e-learning domain has been put(More)
This article discusses security requirements for open distributed learning environments. Security is a critical issue, especially for highly interactive applications based on heterogeneous distributed architectures. In e-learning applications, security mechanisms have as their main purpose to protect against illegal access to information, so that(More)
This paper discusses how mediation strategies can be used to design a pedagogical agent integrated to a text mining tool to promote collaborative work in academic reading and writing activities. The agent uses the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) to communicate with students, while its text mining features enables it to keep track of what is(More)
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