Alexandre M. Erkine

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Chromatin remodeling is an essential part of transcription initiation. We show that at heat shock gene promoters functional interactions between individual ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes play critical role in both nucleosome displacement and Pol II recruitment. Using HSP12, HSP82 and SSA4 gene promoters as reporters, we demonstrated that while(More)
Cellular stress responses are characterized by coordinated transcriptional induction of genes encoding a group of conserved proteins known as molecular chaperones, most of which are also known as heat shock proteins (HSPs). In S. cerevisiae, transcriptional responses to stress are mediated via two trans-regulatory activators: heat shock transcription(More)
After more than three decades since the discovery of transcription activation domains (ADs) in gene-specific activators, the mechanism of their function remains enigmatic. The widely accepted model of direct recruitment by ADs of co-activators and basal transcriptional machinery components, however, is not always compatible with the short size yet very high(More)
Development of novel anti-cancer drug leads that target regulators of protein homeostasis is a formidable task in modern pharmacology. Finding specific inhibitors of human Heat Shock Factor 1 (hHSF1) has proven to be a challenging task, while screening for inhibitors of human Heat Shock Factor 2 (hHSF2) has never been described. We report the development of(More)
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