Alexandre Lemort

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Involving graphic designers in the large-scale development of user interfaces requires tools that provide more graphical flexibility and support efficient software processes. These requirements were analysed and used in the design of the TkZ-inc graphical library and the IntuiKit interface design environment. More flexibility is obtained through a wider(More)
Programming highly interactive user interfaces remains a complex task with the available software tools. Interviews and observation of 50 design or production teams of industrial products shows the importance of group production between graphics designers, programmers, usability experts and the lead designer. Tools must allow each of them to efficiently(More)
IntuiKit is a programming framework aimed at making the design and development of post-WIMP user interfaces more accessible. Developing for tabletops puts special requirements on such a framework: managing parallel input, device discovery, device equivalence, and the description of combined interactions. We describe how the modelbased architecture of(More)
IntuiLab designs highly interactive UIs that often feature multimodal capacities: gesture recognition, speech recognition, etc. We have started to use SVG for the graphical modality at the core of our UI programming environment: IntuiKit. Our portfolio includes UIs with high−end graphics for Air−Traffic control centers, in−car systems and for e−government(More)
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