Alexandre Leite Silva

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The effects of massive lesions of the telencephalon on the behavioral repertoire of captive pigeons were investigated. The behavior of four birds with an intact telencephalon was compared to that of four birds submitted to ablation of telencephalic structures. Behavioral audio recording was done according to previously defined categories in three daily(More)
We studied the distribution of NADPH-diaphorase activity in the visual cortex of normal adult New World monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) using the malic enzyme "indirect" method. NADPH-diaphorase neuropil activity had a heterogeneous distribution. In coronal sections, it had a clear laminar pattern that was coincident with Nissl-stained layers. In tangential(More)
The development of Chagas disease is determined by a complex interaction between the genetic traits of both the protozoan parasite, T. cruzi, and the infected host. This process is regulated by multiple genes that control different aspects of the host-parasite interaction. While determination of the relevant genes in humans is extremely difficult, it is(More)
To prevent the quality decay, detection strategies are reused to identify symptoms of maintainability problems in the entire program. A detection strategy is a heuristic composed by the following elements: software metrics, thresholds, and logical operators combining them. The adoption of detection strategies is largely dependent on their reuse across the(More)
Of the many risk factors suggested for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), higher frequency of seizures is a very consistent issue. Following this reasoning, it has been established that hemodialysis-associated seizure is a complication of dialysis procedure. Based on these facts, this study investigated a possible association between(More)
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