Alexandre Le Bouthillier

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This paper presents a parallel cooperative multi-search method for the vehicle routing problem with time windows. It is based on the solution warehouse strategy, in which several search threads cooperate by asyn-chronously exchanging information on the best solutions identiÿed. The exchanges are performed through a mechanism, called solution warehouse,(More)
We have developed a pattern-identification mechanism that endows cooperative search with capabilities to create new information and guide the global search. The proposed mechanism sends information to independent metaheuristics about promising and unpromising patterns in the solution space. By fixing or prohibiting specific solution attribute values in(More)
As transportation problems grow larger with the new world economy, so do the problem size and complexity. To be able to produce consistent solutions, individual solving methods tends to be very complex. Also, a compromise between solution quality and computing time needs to be reached. Transportation problems such as Vehicle Routing Problem with Time(More)
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