Alexandre L. Rodrigues

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This paper discusses extensions of the popular methods proposed by Geweke and Porter-Hudak [Geweke, J. and Porter-Hudak, S., 1983, The estimation and application of long memory times series models. Large-sample properties of parameter estimates for strongly dependent stationary Gaussian time series. Annals of Statistics, 14, 517–532.] for estimating the(More)
We study a stochastic lattice model describing the dynamics of coexistence of two interacting biological species. The model comprehends the local processes of birth, death, and diffusion of individuals of each species and is grounded on interaction of the predator-prey type. The species coexistence can be of two types: With self-sustained coupled time(More)
Maps of rates are often used for spatial dispersion analysis of certain event occurrence risk when data comes from counts by areas. However, the use of crude rates is associated to a high instability in expressing the risk of rare events in small population areas. As an alternative, will be introduced the empirical Bayesian rates; they make use either of(More)
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