Alexandre Korolev

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A recent proposal to solve the halting problem with the quantum adiabatic algorithm is criticized and found wanting. Contrary to other physical hypercomputers, where one believes that a physical process “computes” a (recursive-theoretic) non-computable function simply because one believes the physical theory that presumably governs or describes such(More)
The synthesis, structures, and reactivity of cationic aluminum complexes containing the N,N'-diisopropylaminotroponiminate ligand ((i)Pr(2)-ATI(-)) are described. The reaction of ((i)Pr(2)-ATI)AlR(2) (1a-e,g,h; R = H (a), Me (b), Et (c), Pr (d), (i)Bu (e), Cy (g), CH(2)Ph (h)) with [Ph(3)C][B(C(6)F(5))(4)] yields ((i)()Pr(2)-ATI)AlR(+) species whose fate(More)
Differential spectrophotometry and oxygen electrode were used to study the effect of nitrate and nitrite on the cytochrome system and respiration of Rhizobium lupini cultivated in the conditions of different aeration, and bacteroids of this strain isolated from lupine nodules. In the anaerobic conditions, nitrate (10(-3) M) accepts electrons from the(More)
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