Alexandre Joannon

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Reducing pesticide use in agriculture is necessary to preserve natural resources. However, pest control without pesticides is a challenging issue. In particular, weed infestation may cause severe losses of crop yield. Weeds have been traditionally managed solely at the field level. However, larger scales must be considered because invasive and(More)
Applications regarding the crop allocation problem (CAP) are required tools for agricultural advisors to design more efficient farming systems. Despite this issue has been extensively treated by agronomists in the past, few methods tackle the crop allocation problem considering both the spatial and the temporal aspects of the CAP. In this paper, we(More)
This paper analyses the potential effect of local agro-environmental policies in promoting multifunctionality in a rural landscape, with a two-scale modelling framework: a regional scale for food demand and a local scale for the forces driving land use. The framework has been designed in four steps. First, the relative influence of the driving factors on(More)
Developing sustainable crop systems is a major challenge. Presently, management practices are simulated using either biophysical models or simple farmer decision models. As a result, there is a lack of generic models integrating both biophysical parameters and farmer decision parameters. Here, we developed an original graphical plug-in to sketch and(More)
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