Alexandre Gutierrez Barbosa

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BACKGROUNDS The aim of this study is identify the main morphological patterns of the pancreas in AIDS patients in use of Higly Active Antiretorviral Therapy (HAART). METHODS We conducted a cross sectional study in the year of 2010. The inclusion criteria were patients older than 18 years who died of AIDS with the use of HAART (2006-2009) and underwent to(More)
Adventitial cystic disease of the popliteal artery is an uncommon condition. Previous reports show a grouping of cases of this disease in Europe and Australasia. With the purpose of widening the knowledge of the geographical distribution of the disease, 3 cases from Brazil are described, and reference is made to 1 previously reported. It is suggested that(More)
This work has as objective the development of an optimization methodology, based on genetic algorithms (GAs) applied to deterministic mathematical models representing a catalytic three-phase reactor that is widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These reactors also have a potential application in waste water(More)
Context Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome has become a pandemic disease since the very first cases were reported in 1981.Many studies estimate a prevalence of metabolic syndrome in human immunodeficiency virus patients to 2-18%. The aim of this study is to evaluate the morphological aspect of the endocrine pancreas in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(More)
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