Alexandre Garnier

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The bacterium Mycoplasma agalactiae is responsible for contagious agalactia (CA) in small domestic ruminants, a syndrome listed by the World Organization for Animal Health and responsible for severe damage to the dairy industry. Recently, we frequently isolated this pathogen from lung lesions of ibexes during a mortality episode in the French Alps. This(More)
The amount of different usages in sensor networks grows with the deployment of ever more diverse sensors within a same network. More varied data implies a more heterogeneous panel of users. Such a diversity in usages leads to a major problem about data modelling: being able to address, for each user, precisely his needs, and his needs only. In other words,(More)
The fitness costs of reproduction can be masked by individual differences, and may only become apparent during adverse environmental conditions. Individual differences, however, are usually assessed by reproductive success, so how fitness costs are influenced by the interplay between the environmental context and overall individual differences requires(More)
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