Alexandre Gareau

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES In this study, we examined the mediating role of university students' coping strategies in the unique/additive influence of affective states and goal motivation on upward changes in affect during a midterm exam period. DESIGN Using a short-term prospective design, key assumptions from the self-concordance model and the(More)
In previous research, autonomous motivation (AM) has been found to be associated with school achievement, but the relation has been largely heterogeneous across studies. AM has typically been assessed with explicit measures such as self-report questionnaires. Recent self-determination theory (SDT) research has suggested that converging implicit and explicit(More)
It is well-known that the implicational fragment of the classical propositional calculus has a single axiom. By contrast, here we show that the corresponding equational class defined by the implica-tional reduct of Boolean algebra cannot be defined by a single axiom. However, it can be defined by two identities. By a deep theorem of Alfred Tarski, it(More)
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