Alexandre Gachet

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Many mission-critical, decision-making situations happen in dynamic, rapidly changing, and often unpredictable distributed environments. Military, governmental, and medical contexts are examples of such situations, which can be characterized by highly decentralized, up-to-date data sets coming from various sources. Unlike other decision-making tools, DSS(More)
This paper describes the construction phase of the development process of a Software Framework for Developing Distributed Cooperative Decision Support Systems. This construction phase is built upon the two-layered architecture designed during the elaboration phase of this development process (Gachet, 2001b). The construction of the two layers of the(More)
A A F Fr ra am me ew wo or rk k f fo or r D De ev ve el lo op pi in ng g D Di is st tr ri ib bu ut te ed d C Co oo op pe er ra at ti iv ve e D De ec ci is si io on n S Su up pp po or rt t S Sy ys st te em ms s – – I In nc ce ep pt ti io on n P Ph ha as se e Abstract This paper describes the inception phase of the development process of a Framework for(More)
Traditional companies used to be authoritarian and built around hierarchical organizational charts. Facing more dynamic environments in recent history, many companies experimented with newer forms of organization, usually cutting down long decision paths and fostering lean structures able to react to rapid changes in the marketplace. One crucial difference(More)